We give our clients choice when creating their communications.
We enable them to utilise a number of methods, from sending
pre-composed documents, to fully editable, self-serve means.

Document Composition

At Adare SEC, we create documents and communications on behalf of our clients, using a number of different secure processes to transfer data and facilitate the creation of inspiring communications.


PrintMe enables letters that would normally be printed via local desktop or office printers to instead be sent to Adare SEC for production and mailing. It is simple to use and can be a cost effective method for producing operational letters.


Our SmartEdit portal enables clients to edit existing documents, review, accept or reject changes made by colleagues (authorisation permitting with a full audit trail). Clients can also create new documents using pre-approved templates held within the system.


SmartApproval, Adare SEC's online approval system, is available to allow clients to check the content of an automated, daily production run before output is sent to print. It is often used in conjunction with SmartEdit.

Secure Documents

An organisation you can trust: We produce millions of secure documents for the retail, financial, banking, education, government, healthcare and commercial sectors every year.


Adare SEC is the number one provider of sustainable travel information solutions in the UK, with the creation of  TransportHub. We have supplied the transport sector successfully for over a decade, providing communication solutions ranging from; bespoke software systems, timetable production, data quality tools, print and fulfilment, including all manner of marketing and passenger information collateral.

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