Help Protect Your Certificates from Fraud

certificate fraud

Awarding Bodies will no doubt look to any supplier of printed examination and qualification certificates to offer up the latest innovative solutions in order to combat the growing problem of certificate fraud.

Here are our favourite advanced fraud protection security features we recommend our clients consider when designing their secure certificates.

Micro Text

Micro text is a minute font size, viewable only through a magnifying glass.  If the certificate is copied, the text will blur making it impossible to read, thus identifying the copy as a fake.

Invisible Ultra Violet Ink

Under UV light, a previously invisible image will appear to help identify a genuine certificate.  Choose an intricate fine line pattern for maximum protection.

Watermarked Security Paper

Watermarked security paper is easily identified when held up to the light, but is not easily replicated.  Fibres within the paper provide visual identification of the certificates authenticity.

Dynamic Security Designs

Unique to each candidate with their individual results and name, security designs can be incorporated into certificates to prevent tampering.

Thermochromic Ink

Thermochromic ink disappears or changes colour when heat is applied.  Inks can be made bespoke to create an effect unique to your certificates.


A hologram cannot be photocopied or reproduced accurately as the fraudulent copy will not refract light.

Sequential, Tapered Numbering

Sequential, tapered numbering is more difficult to replicate than ordinary sequential numbering, and provides a method of cross-referencing issued certificates with your internal databases or records.

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