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Client: Studio Retail
Solution: SmartEdit, PrintMe, SmartView



Studio Retail provides a personal shopping service to around 1.8 million customers each year through a combination of direct marketing and online via their and websites. Shoppers may choose to pay for their order using a monthly credit account, within 14 days of receipt or when they place their order.

Studio Retail is an established and reputable multi-channel business that has been in operation for over 50 years. It has developed from its humble beginnings in 1962 when it specialised in the provision of predominantly paper products sold through a mail order catalogue to a digital first retailer with a broad product range

The Challenge

Customers are offered multiple payment options by Studio Retail. Customers pay at point of order, within 14 days of receipt and a monthly credit programme are all available.

The different payment options at Studio Retail results in the generation of large amounts of transactional inbound mail. At the same time, the processing of outbound and inbound documents, such as returned mail and credit agreements, has led to inefficiencies in the use of time and internal resources. Studio Retail needed a partner which could cost-effectively manage and satisfy its outbound and inbound customer communication needs.

The Solution

Adare SEC collaborated with Studio Retail on the production of transactional mail, direct mail campaigns and letter correspondence.

We generate approximately 1m packs per month for Studio Retail, 600,000 of which are account statements. Each colour printed pack contains double-sided marketing statements and inserts. Every month, the information printed alongside each customer correspondence changes to include seasonal messaging, promotional offers and product advertising.

The statements also include regulated messages and onserts. In order to facilitate these regular changes in artwork, we recommended Adare SEC’s SmartEdit solution.

Every day, Studio Retail sends around
44,500 records to Adare SEC for
processing and production

The SmartEdit portal enabled Studio Retail to edit its documents, allowing employees to review, accept or reject any changes made by fellow colleagues. Each day, Studio Retail sends around 44,500 records, across numerous data files to Adare SEC for processing and production. Files are sent using either a Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) or via our Hybrid Mail solution, PrintMe.

We also produce and process Studio Retail’s outbound mail, as well as handling its inbound and returned mail. For example, credit agreements from customers, who have requested to open a credit account with Studio Retail, are scanned and a digital copy of the document is stored in SmartView – our secure document repository. SmartView’s long-term storage and retrieval of documents allows Studio Retail employees to view an exact replica of the documents on screen.

In addition to the handling of credit agreements, we also dispatch around 20,000 emails per week for Studio Retail updating customers on the success of their application for credit.

The Benefits

Since 2017, our partnership with Studio Retail has enabled the reallocation of staff time and resource into its core business activities through utilising PrintMe. PrintMe enables letters to be sent directly to Adare SEC for production and mailing, which provides optimised postal rates regardless of the volumes sent.

Pre-approved templates allow for the creation of new documents and increase the efficiency of making changes, which in turn has improved Studio Retail’s entire communication production process.

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