1000 letter versions held in SmartEdit

Improving customer service for an automotive financial service provider

Sector: Financial Services
Solution: SmartEdit, SmartView


Our client provides finance and insurance services to customers across a number of automotive brands in the UK.

It employs over 1,000 people at one of its sites, and customers include individual consumers, small business owners and limited companies.

The Challenge

Our client was producing all its customer communications in-house and at cost. High volumes, stationery storage, continuous changes to content and a lack of audit trail amplified inefficiencies in the system. This meant the client’s call centre employees were unable to refer back to any information held against its customer records and postal costs were spiralling.

Customer satisfaction was also low, as letters were often missed or arrived late.

The Solution

Adare SEC firstly provided a white paper solution to cover all our client’s brands (with the exception of its luxury brands). This enabled correspondence to be produced in reduced batch numbers resulting in improved operational efficiencies, cost savings and decreased stationery storage needs.

We also introduced SmartEdit – our bespoke letter management system. Its remote document interface allowed the client to edit and have full control over the changes made to its customer communications. SmartEdit’s remote access allows amends to be made at anytime without causing disruption to production.

The client has over 1,000 letter
versions held in SmartEdit

Our final implementation for the client was to utilise technology that allows the company to store its communications sent to each customer. SmartView is Adare SEC’s secure document repository for the long- term storage and retrieval of client documents.

SmartView enables the client’s call centre employees to access the exact documents customers have received so that they can engage with them more effectively and in doing so improves customer experience.

The client also utilises SmartView for its debt collections process. Working alongside a third party collections service, customers documents are processed, uploaded and allocated to the relevant debt collections agency.

The Benefits

The client’s customer satisfaction has improved dramatically thanks to SmartView creating a document trail improving call centre employees interactions with customers.

At the same time, the client has made cost savings by significantly reducing the amount of base stationery being ordered, as well as creating an operationally efficient solution to sending out four million packs per annum. Replacing inserts for lasered documents with onserts has also helped reduce waste and storage costs.

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