Significant improvements in the cost and speed of customer mail

Saving time and costs for one of the UK’s leading retailers

Sector: Retail
Solution: PrintMe, SmartView


A leading UK retailer had a requirement to make shopping easier for their customers and so produced a store card. This provides their customers with safe and secure financial products from warranties and pet insurance to loans and the store card.

The Challenge

The leading retailer works hard to ensure their customers have a great customer experience which is enhanced by its digital customer journey.

In line with regulatory requirements and standards, the client comms team are also focused on the efficient management of their back office and administration processes. They were looking to develop and enhance the efficiencies of these processes to enable longer term savings for the benefit of all their customers.

Creating a paperless office was a key objective for the client and so focus was made to digitise the management of daily customer correspondence and letter production. In addition, the client also wanted to centralise their archiving process to improve auditability and traceability of the customer communications.

The client managed, printed and fulfilled their customer letters onsite, posting them via franking machines which was time consuming and expensive.

Paper usage has also reduced
as a result of our
PrintMe solution

The Solution

To support the client in achieving their objectives, Adare SEC introduced their Hybrid Mail product, PrintMe. Rather than printing locally, the client’s employees team were set up with a solution that allowed them to create customer letters that were then printed and mailed securely by Adare SEC, just by selecting the Adare printer icon on the machine instead of the local office printer.

Adare SEC also implemented their secure document storage hub, SmartView. This enables the client to store all their digital documents in one secure environment, with the advantage of being able to tag each document for instant search and retrieval as and when it may be needed. As a multi-user environment, different departments can access SmartView, only seeing customer documents relevant to their department, unless access was granted as a super user. Business rules were created to ensure adherence to GDPR regulations such as making sure key information was deleted in line with storage time limits.

The Benefits

PrintMe has enabled the client to work more efficiently, saving on the cost and speed to send customer mail. Its environmentally friendly too as paper usage has also reduced. PrintMe offers significant postal savings, improves speed in which mail is sent and brings flexibility as printer facilities can be accessed, even when teams are not in the office.

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