£1.25 million savings over 5 years

Driving efficiencies and costs for a globally renowned insurer

Client: Allianz Insurance
 Insurance (Financial Services)
Solution: Integrated Communication Solutions



Part of the global Allianz Group, Allianz Insurance PLC is one of the largest general insurers in the UK, providing a full range of insurance products through brokers and partners. Through a number of strategic acquisitions, Allianz has established itself as the 2nd largest general insurer in the UK with 12 million customers and a market share of 9 percent. It is also the 4th largest insurer in the UK personal home segment.

We have been working with Allianz since 2007 to provide print and digital services that have expanded as both our organisations have evolved and market conditions have changed.

The Challenge

Allianz, along with many of its competitors, is an organisation of multiple companies, divisions, brands and sites. As a result, there were multiple product types, processes and communications streams.

Our challenge was to help centralise and rationalise the communications sent to Allianz customers, in terms of cost and time, optimising the communications workflow and introducing innovation where it provided business or customer benefits. Our strategy was to develop an integrated partnership model that would meet this challenge head on.

Approximately 5 million
communications dispatched
per annum

The Solution

Instead of the typical client/supplier relationship, over 12 years we have invested in our relationship leading to a strategic and integrated partnership that is continually evolving and expanding. This highly successful partnership has led to an efficient inbound and outbound communications workflow that provides Allianz with the highest levels of service, significant cost savings and benefits, as well as improvements in business process efficiency.

Today, we dispatch approximately 5 million communications per annum to Allianz customers across print, email, SMS and portal based delivery. The integrated nature of this partnership allows us to seamlessly manage 20,000 support requests per month, across 1,500 different workstreams involving 700 lines of printed products held in stock.

Working at a strategic level with Allianz, we also manage a range of supplementary products and services. Products such as cheques, promotional items, publications, collateral and signage are all managed alongside services such as online asset management and office letters (Hybrid Mail). We close the communications loop managing approximately 2.5 million inbound digital and document based communications where we receive, scan and transmit the returned data reconciled to customer level to Allianz via a secure data link.

The Benefits

Through this fully integrated partnership, Allianz relies upon us to manage its daily communications with customers as well as ensuring continual efficiency and innovation.

In terms of efficiency, we have been able to optimise customer communications across multiple insurance brands driving savings of £1.25 million over 5 years. We have also phased in innovative alternatives to print such as eDocs, email and SMS delivery. Furthermore, we implemented an office letters solution that enabled Allianz employees to dispatch customer communications directly from our mailing facility, thereby reducing administrative burden and postage costs.

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