Our Adare Post solution enables our clients to achieve the maximum postal
discount possible on all mail produced and mailed at Adare SEC.

Applying a range of disciplines to the data processing and overall workflow management of mailings, we are pro-active in the identification of areas where additional savings and efficiencies can be generated.  Our technical, operations and purchasing specialists are constantly assessing market developments and investigating new initiatives to ensure clients using our Adare Post solution receive up-to-date pricing and discounts along with excellent service.

In order to achieve these savings for our clients, we sort all mail pre and post production, depending on which option best suits our client’s requirements and maximises the postal discount available to them.  Our high speed mail sortation devices sort packs to an agreed standard, post-production, so once sorted, packs are delivered directly into the postal stream at Royal Mail Inward Mail Centres (IMCs) enabling us to pass on significant savings on to our clients, regardless of volumes of mail sent.

Postal savings can be achieved by each and every one of our clients; we combine all our mail streams in to one daily despatch volume, allowing all clients to achieve the maximum discount available regardless of volume sent.

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Optimising Mail Services and Costs

Adare SEC’s Down Stream Access (DSA) postal solution mechanically sorts and combines mail packs in to order, to gain the optimum service and postal discounts, regardless of mail volumes.

Proof of

Machine Readable Barcodes mean that each pack can be evidenced as printed, enclosed, sorted and despatched.  These marks are also used by Royal Mail to ensure prompt, seamless distribution of our clients’ mail.

Return Mail

We use the mailing barcode to scan returned or undeliverable items without the need for opening the pack.  This improves the speed of data capture, enabling our clients to quickly and easily update their customer databases.

Secure Destruction

We have industrial shredding machines on-site for the secure disposal of returned mail if required.  We can dispose of returned mail on our clients behalf, ensuring compliance to Data Protection regulations and creating recyclable waste.


Adare SEC was a leader in the development of Mailmark services, and holds a permanent seat on the Mailmark Technical Forum where liason with key personnel from Royal Mail allows the mailing industry to influence the development of these services.  Mailmark will be applied to Adare Post and will be compatible with our processes and systems.

2D Barcodes

Barcodes are used in our Adare Post solution for several reasons.  They enable our sortation machines to sort mail packs by postcode or common destination, and also enable us to report on pack specific MI such as account ref/URN’s, data file data/time stamp etc.

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