Our Hybrid Mail Solution reduces postal costs and improves efficiency
in your mail room operations

What is Hybrid Mail?

Hybrid mail enables letters that would normally be printed via local desktop or office printers to instead be outsourced for production and mailing. Employees can quickly and easily send their communications to be printed at the click of a button, saving organisations significant time, resource and most of all postage and business stationery costs.

Reduce postal costs and improve efficiency

Our Hybrid Mail Solution helps reduce postal costs by up to 50% and improves the efficiency of printing and mailing operational letters currently produced locally using desktop printers and in-house mailrooms.

We offer significant savings in the printing of back-office communications with the production and mailing of letters via PrintMe costing less than the standard Royal Mail tariff. The solution does not require the purchase of any proprietary software and no licence fees apply.

Adare SEC introduced a solution for a leading global insurance company’s employees to submit customer correspondence for production and mailing within Adare SEC. This resulted in a significant cost saving of the original production and process costs and delivered on brand compliance.

Reduce postal costs by up to


Our Hybrid Mail technology

PrintMe - Hybrid Mail


PrintMe is Adare SEC’s Hybrid Mail solution suitable for the printing and mailing of standard A4 operational letters.

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