Ticket and Event Solutions

High quality, cost-effective Ticket and Event Solutions are designed to meet your specific requirements and protect your brand from fraud and replication

Our end-to-end ticketing solutions ensure your tickets are protected within a secure environment throughout the entire design, production and delivery process. This helps to ensure that your event tickets, and therefore your revenues and brand, are protected from fraud and replication.

As one of the UK's most recognised ticket providers, our Ticket Solutions include:

  • Ticket design
  • Ticket production
  • Personalisation and numbering

Our expertise as an accredited security printer ensures we can provide a tailored solution to suit your needs. Our tickets are designed to adhere to your corporate brand and creative design brief, whilst ensuring the highest levels of security by incorporating overt and covert security features as desired.

Thermal Tickets

Thermal tickets are used at electronic point of sales (EPOS) systems and are fully compatible with a range of thermal-imaging printers such as Boca, Gazelle and Zebra. Thermal tickets can be fully bespoke and full colour and are particularly popular across sporting and leisure events.

Small Event Security Tickets

Adare's pre-printed security tickets are designed to suit small-scale events and provide a speedy and inexpensive ticketing solution that is ideal for all types of small events.

For more information on Ticket and Event solutions please call 01527 838 820 or email redditch@adaresec.com.