Our secure scanning and indexing of inbound documents creates digital images that can be stored in and retrieved from Adare’s secure document repository

Adare's in-house scanning department provides a secure service for the receipt, preparation and digitisation of hard-copy, inbound documents. Scanned images are indexed by Adare to your specifications and then either returned in batches for uploading directly into your systems or uploaded onto Adare's secure document repository for secure storage and retrieval.


A web based document storage and retrieval system accessible from a multi-user environment such as a call centre or finance department. Exact replicas of the printed communications produced at Adare can be captured and stored together with scanned images of relevant hard copy documentation that have been indexed to enable rapid search and retrieval. These copy documents can be viewed online, re-produced or emailed on demand.

For more information about our Inbound solutions please email huddersfield@adaresec.com or call 01484 863 411.