Adare SEC provides technology-led, outbound and inbound Secure and Essential Communication Solutions to private and public sector clients who need to control the cost, quality, security and efficiency of their printed and electronic communications

Adare’s four core solutions have been developed to support legal compliance, regulatory adhesion and data driven, fully variable messaging. These are:

  • Outbound Solutions - from document composition to critical mail, Adare produces and mails over 700 million critical customer communications every year.
  • Inbound Solutions - Adare’s secure scanning and indexing of inbound documents creates digital images that can be stored in and retrieved from a secure document repository.
  • Electronic Solutions - from multi-channel delivery, to secure ePresentment, Adare enables documents to be delivered via the customers preferred channel.
  • Secure Solutions - Adare specialises in the provision of products and solutions that protect documents, assets and identities from fraud and replication.

Adare’s extensive client base is able to use any one or all of the separate elements of the four core solutions, depending on their requirements. Adare is trusted by both central and local government organisations, leading financial and marketing brands and FTSE 100 companies to manage their secure inbound and outbound business critical communications on their behalf.

If you would like further information on any of Adare’s solutions, please email or call 01484 863 411.